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Speedminton® and the swedish label Salming launch common partnership - Hereby two creative brands come together, which enchant and inspire people with various new kinds of sports. Salming equips the whole event team and offers additionally its Speedminton® collection in the regular Speedminton® online shop.


The brand was founded by the eponymous ice-hockey legend Börje Salming in 1991 and is nowadays considered to be one of the most innovative manufacturer of sports equipment worldwide. Initially the brand was specialized on handball and the ambitious floorball, but it briskly grew from a niche label to an extensive sports equipment producer. The portfolio was complemeted gradually by special indoor shoes, high end performance clothes and team and sports wear for anything, a sports heart desires.


Today Salming delights top athletes and amateurs all around the world with simple nordic designs and high quality products at fair prices. Represented by its general importer the Spreefabrik GmbH Salming finally enlarges its distribution network in Germany as well and emerges as the new official textile Partner of Speedminton®.


More information on www.salming.de

Official partner store: www.overgrip.de


Speedminton® is committed to the sport promotion and the development of a healthy lifestyle and exercise emphasized in all age groups. For the purpose of support, especially among young people, Speedminton® cooperates with Erkenne Deine Stärken.


Developed by Olympic champion Christian Schenk the individual school trip was designed to move young people mentally and sporty. Students will identify their strengths, new experiences and discover the diversity of life. Speedminton® supports this goal by the integration of Speed Badminton workshops in the activities of many school trips.


Since 2012 about 250 students benefit from the cooperation of Speedminton® and Erkenne Deine Stärken.


More Information can be found here: www.cssports.de


Since 2011 Speedminton® cooperates with the Katholische und Evangelische Arbeitsgemeinschaften für Soldatenbetreuung e.V. (KAS/EAS - Catholic and Protestant Organizations for Soldier Care). In cooperation with Speedminton® KAS and EAS offer German-wide workshops to soldiers. These workshops take place at the German Army barracks on two consecutive days. This offer presents a welcome addition to the existing care services and gives those responsible for the barracks the opportunity to purchase Speedminton® products at lower rates in order to provide regular Speed-Badminton sessions at their locations. A Blackminton® event is also organized in conjunction with the workshops.


Under the common roof of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Soldatenbetreuung e.V. (BAS – Federal Organization for Soldier Care) EAS and KAS, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Defense amongst others, have been providing off-duty care services for more than 50 years where needed and governmental provision falls short. EAS and KAS thereby complement the legally required services that are already offered by the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces). The churches understand this care as necessary part of their services as church for the soldiers.


In 2012, the first Speedminton® KAS and EAS Speed Badminton Tournament for soldiers of the Bundeswehr is planned to take place where more than 100 participants are expected. In many barracks the participants already train hard in order to win the first prize for their location. The tournament takes place from 24 to 27 of September. More information can be found here. The responsible contact person is Daniel Gossen: gossen@speedminton.com.


More information on KAS and EAS can be found at: http://www.kas-bonn.org/ and http://www.easberlin.de/

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