Anywhere, anytime

With your Speedminton® equipment, you can play anywhere and anytime! Since there is no net all you need is two rackets, a speeder and there you go. The Speeder™ is specially designed for outdoor play. It’s wind resistant up to wind force 4 and has a stable flight path for as long as 98ft. You can play in the park, in the water, or just in the backyard- the fun is limitless! With the glowing Night Speeder you can even play in the dark!

For those who want to play a match and take the game to the next level, we created the Easy Court. The court is two squares of 18ft (the playing field) with a distance of 42ft in between – within 5 minutes you’ll be set up and ready to go!

You'll get a first impression of the game by watching the video on the right side.


"I love the game. It is quick, fun and flexible. It does not need the gym facilities for success. Also, I love that it is a new family game to be introduced at family get togethers.

Anything is better than television and computers." Claudia Paul, P.E. Teacher