Speedminton® Sets


Speedminton® Sets are available for both beginners and experts, and contain everything you need to play by day or night. Multi-sets are available for clubs, schools, gyms and indoor tennis court operators and contain everything you need for instruction, workout and competition. We can also put together a special team set just for you. Just give us a call.



The second generation of the Speeder® features a modified design. The newly developed skirt of the Speeder® greatly improves the flight quality. Small waves at the end of the shuttle and the specifically aligned stems facilitate rotation, providing the Speeder® with more precision and higher wind resistance. From 2012, the additional Cross Speeder® will be available. The heavyweight of the Speeder®-Series was developed for games across greater distances.

Match Speeder®

The official competition speeder® of the ISBO.


Fun Speeder®

The starter ball.


Night Speeder®

The Speeder® for the play in the dark.


Cross Speeder®

The outdoor Speeder®