Anywhere, Anytime

With your Speedminton® equipment, you can play anywhere and anytime! All you need is two rackets, a Speeder® and there you go. The Speeder® is specially designed for outdoor play, wind resistant until wind force 4 and has a stable flight path until 30 meters. No limits for you: play in the park, on the street or in the backyard - fun is guaranteed. There is no net and with the glowing NIGHT Speeder® you can play even in the dark.

For those who want to play a match, we created the Easy Court. Two squares of 5.5m (the playing field) are setup within seconds at a distance of 12.8m - your court is waiting for you!


Claudia Paul, P.E. Teacher;
“I love the game. It is quick, fun and flexible. It does not need the gym facilities for success. Also, I love that it is a new family game to be introduced at family get togethers. Anything is better than television and computers.”

Speedminton® Quick Start Manual


1. Start hitting the FUN Speeder™ (red coat, yellow cap)

2. Have a distance of about 5m between you and your partner.

3. The serve has to be made at waist level.

4. When you get used to the Speeder™, increase the distance to your partner up to 10m.

5. Now switch over to the MATCH Speeder™ (yellow coat, red cap). The is distance to your partner should be about 12-15m.

6. In case of strong wind push a wind ring over the Speeder™ cap.

7. You really like the game? Then get yourself an Easy Court (two squares of 5.5m and in a distance of 12.8m).

8. Wanna play at night? Use the NIGHT Speeder™ (yellow coat, transparent cap) and insert one Speedlight. Crack the Speedlight and push it firmly into the cap and you are ready. Have fun from dusk til dawn!