Play wherever you want


No court, no rules, no limits - from a relaxed game at the beach to an adrenaline-charged volley in total darkness. Just play, without keeping score - for fun and action wherever you have enough space.

Windy? No problem: simply snap a wind ring onto the Speeder for stability in winds up to strength 3-4!

Outdoor competition

Speed Courts turn tennis courts, streets, beaches, and parks into playing pitches: Use Easy Courts to mark your courts at the beach or on grassy fields. Line markers turn a tennis court into two Speed Courts. And on the street? All you need is a piece of chalk. So get out and start playing:

Anywhere, anytime!

Indoor competition

Rainy or winter weather? No problem: you can also play speed badminton at any indoor facility. Indoor tennis courts are perfect, but any multi-purpose arena can be turned into a Speed Court in a snap. No sets, no time-consuming preparations - just unfurl the Easy Courts or line markers and you're ready to play!