What is Speedminton®?


„The Ferrari of racket sports.“ (T-Online)                             „Bye bye birdie, hello Speedminton!“ (New York Times)


Speedminton is the market leader for Crossminton equipment. Crossminton (formerly Speed Badminton) combines the best of Tennis, Squash and Badminton into a game that you can play anywhere, anytime!

The game is very easy to set up and there is no net required; the court is composed of two 18 x 18 feet squares with a distance of 42 feet in between. The Speeder™ (name of our birdies) is designed for indoor and outdoor play. It was designed shorter, heavier, and narrower than the shuttlecocks used in traditional badminton. It flies stable in wind, is water resistant and can even glow in the dark if loaded with a Speedlight.

Speedminton® is very easy to learn and within a few hits, you’ll get the hang of it and be rallying in no time!

Recreationally, it’s played on the beach, the backyard, in a park, a parking lot, any large flat outdoor space; competitively, there are rules and an easy to set up official court. For those who want to play a match, we created the Easy Court. The two 18 x 18 ft. squares (the playing field) are setup within seconds at a distance of 42ft.

This game provides lots of fun for players of all ages and can be played in singles and doubles.

Whether it is at the beach, park or in the ocean…get outside and play Crossminton!